Integrating philanthropy and profit

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Kulemela is helping African agribusiness entrepreneurs prosper by
integrating philanthropy and profit

In the Zambian language Chinyanja Kulemela means to become rich or to prosper. We have never spoken to a farmer who just wants to put food on the table, and similarly we’ve never met an agribusiness entrepreneur who doesn’t have dreams for growing their business.

In Ghana small-scale farmers lack access to fair and reliable markets, and these markets lack access to flexible investment capital. Kulemela offers flexible financing to small and growing agribusinesses that increase food security and competitiveness in agriculture markets while returning both social and financial impact.

Kulemela was founded on the fundamental belief that
it is possible to make money by doing good

We live in an interconnected world where commerce and charity know no borders. Kulemela was born from a simple question: Can we make money by doing good?  For too long we’ve been told that philanthropy and profit don’t mix. We disagree. And we are proving that global social investors want more than what
philanthropy or profit alone can offer.
Our Vision

We see a world where African agriculture is deemed prosperous, entrepreneurs have the tools and resources they need to succeed, and small-scale farmers have too many choices rather than too few.

Our Mission

To integrate philanthropy and profit by providing meso-financing to small and growing African agribusinesses that increase food security.

Beliefs and Values


  • Tough love increases accountability – We work with our entrepreneurs to ensure that they are meeting their goals, and using the investment in the way they promised.
  • Field knowledge is key – All Kulemela team members are expected to learn about small-scale farming in the sectors we focus in by directly participating in farming activities. This significant time with farmers helps us understand their unique challenges and opportunities in order to make investments into businesses that are serving farmer needs.
  • Consistent follow-up is necessary – We consistently monitor our investments, showing our entrepreneurs we are truly invested in their success. This allows us to catch problems early, and help entrepreneurs solve them.
  • Value chain knowledge reduces risk – Understanding the realities of all value chain actors, by spending significant time in their context is critical to investing in meaningful systemic change. This understanding allows us to invest in leverage businesses that can have disproportionate positive impact on the market system, while reducing the risk of our investments.
  • Business is better than handouts – Business deals provide equal footing whereas handouts don’t. We believe business transactions are more impactful in creating positive change for individuals living in poverty than handouts that increase dependence. 


  • Trust – We understand that meaningful partnerships cannot grow without trust and that trust is the best form of security for an investment.
  • Innovation – We work to design loan products for any agriculture entrepreneur working in our focus sectors. We take the time to sit down with entrepreneurs to fully understand their business models and which type of loan will maximize impact.
  • Partnership – As investors, entrepreneurs, and farmers we are all partners in creating a world without poverty.
  • Accountable Empathy – There is an inherent power dynamic between a financier and an entrepreneur. We recognize this power dynamic and value empathy in all our communication and relationships while committing to ensuring our investments are accountable.
  • Fairness – We value economic systems that are fair. This means we will design every investment ensuring that all parties involved benefit.
  • Transparency – We will always share our failures, not just our successes.
  • Living Values – We help our investors live their values by providing meaningful investment opportunities.

What we’ve accomplished so far

$ invested
agribusinesses financed
% average revenue increases
small-scale farmers supported

Kulemela is investing in the most
under-financed sector in Africa

What we offer

To Entrepreneurs

Kulemela can provide financing for a new piece of equipment that will help your business grow

Kulemela can provide financing to expand your day to day operations

Kulemela can provide financing to commercial producers who seek to expand

Kulemela can provide financing for large infrastructure expansion projects based on a revenue sharing deal

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Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Anibirds Farm Annexe

Narh Farms

Effah Farms & Trading

Rainbow Ventures

Help us integrate philanthropy and profit

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